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Ten 10-Minute Empowering Workouts For Busy Professionals

Because physical appearance affects the perception of leadership abilities.

According to a research of Center for Creative Leadership, quoted in WSJ, an out-of-shape physical appearance of leaders might undermine perceptions of their leadership ability. This does not necessarily imply CEOs and Board Members should all look like supermodels. This cannot be further than the truth. Radiating healthy look and stamina though seems to be considered nowadays as part of the job.

Little or no time for the gym to keep up with the desired physical and mental disposition? I know, me too. But here are 10 less excuses — for under 10 minutes a day.

As a C-Suite Minimalist you know that a mountain is climbed in small steps. Make a step now.

Enjoy The C-Suite Minimalists's 10 under 10 collection below.

***Victoria’s Secret Model Workout: 10-Minute Fat-Blasting Circuit:   If this is what it takes to get a Victoria’s Secret Model body, then by all means, let’s do that. Downside: I highly doubt that is all it takes. Nevertheless it makes a great warm-up for the day. And makes you go through the day with a feeling of (yet another) achievement.

***1 Mile Happy Walk [Walk at Home 1 Mile:   Easy to do, no pressure exercise. Downside: you might become bored of just walking, although it is mixed with other movements. To avoid boredom consider this as an active walking meditation. Keep thoughts out and just enjoy.

***10 Minute Beginner Low Impact Cardio Workout For Fat Loss:   Morning exercise to warm up the body at beginners level. Downside: don’t expect miracles. But it is a great easy start of the day, that will make you want more intense exercise soon after you adopt it in your routine.

***Work Out: Dance to Burn Fat | Danielle Peazer  A moderately intensive work-out for a morning, but a good choice for those who want to speed up getting and maintaining good shape. Downside: you might not do it all the first few times, especially if you have missed out on exercise lately. But as they say in it: the more you try, the more results you will get.

***HOME WORKOUT — 15 MINUTE WALKING WORKOUT FOR WEIGHT LOSS — the easy way to burn calories at home  Beginners level exercise based on walking. Downside: more than 10 minutes, but you can stop if time is a pressure, although once you reach 10 minutes, I doubt you will.

***Jung Da-yeon — 10 Minutes Slimming Dance:   Jung da Yeon is a Korean sensation, nearly 50, but looks half her age. The mother of two is a hit in the exercise industry and an icon in Japan. Her secret is repetition. So start. Downside: spoken language in her videos is often not English. But who cares, the exercise is good and inspiring.

***10 Minute Cardio for Beginners — Low Impact Workout  A easy move your body routine. Downside: the animation is less than real-life. But after all, it is not about her, it is about you.

***The Best 10 Minute At Home Cardio Workout No Equipment!:   Do anywhere workout. Gets you moving. Downside: the trainer might seem too pumped up to someone who just got out of bed. Enjoy her energy though and make it your own.

***Calorie Burning Cardio Workout | Full Body Fitness | Class FitSugar:   Variety of exercises. Downside: a non-trained person might wish to give up when intensity heightens. Don’t, tomorrow you will do better.

***Ellen Barrett 04 10 Minute Power Walk:   Pleasant beginners exercise routine. Downside: intensity is low. But great for first steps into getting your shape the way you want it.

Disclaimer: Before attempting any exercise routine, above mentioned or other, be sure to check with your medical doctor and/or a certified instructor that it is appropriate for you. The titles of the workouts are quotes as available on YouTube.

If you wish to share this collection, please credit The C-Suite Minimalists and the creators of workouts.

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