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Five Reasons To Take Up Drawing

So you think you can't draw? Sure you can. If you can make a straight line and an oval, you can already draw.

Mindfulness: Drawing is a great way to relax the brain by focusing on one and only one activity. You can’t draw and drive. Drawing diverts all thoughts about projects, tasks and engagements toward the lines and curves that form the object of the creative effort.

Workout for the Brain: Drawing is a workout for the mind. Just as the body needs different types of exercise — strength, cardio, stretching — so does the mind benefit from switching between various activities to build brain muscle.

Creativity: Engaging in artistic activities increases creativity and idea generation. It could give you a different perspective to an old problem and wake up the genius solution-finder in you.

Off screen time: Many people these days have a major relationship with their screens, not with their life partners. With drawing time off screens is guaranteed (unless one chooses to draw on screen).

Drawing is affordable: Creative hobbies can take various forms. Apart from drawing, learning a musical instrument, taking singing or acting classes, are other possibilities. The excuse “I am too old for this” is just that — an excuse. 2018 is not the year to give in to excuses, but to indulge in new experiences.


Bonus tip: the end to boring meetings - according to Malcolm Gladwell a person can become an expert in something if they spend 10 000 hours mastering it. Imagine this: with drawing you will never ever have a boring office meeting again. Every boring meeting in the office becomes an investment into your master-of-art future self.

Credit: The drawing illustrating this article is original work of the C-Suite Minimalists, but ideas and inspiration for the different doodles are drawn from “Verbal to Visual” YouTube Channel and from Brad Soroka (for the “Genius” doodle).

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