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An impromptu C-Suite Minimalists Manifesto

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”, Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Listen to this article in the podcast The C-Suite Minimalists: here (on YouTube) and here (on SoundCloud)

There are two competing trends in the corporate world right now. One is the trend of excess: excess of inefficiencies, excess of poor management of resources, excess of activities that do not add value and sometimes destroy it, excess of stress and burnout. The other is the trend of shortage: shortage of work-life balance, shortage of engaged, motivated and skilled employees, general shortage of joy at work. In many industries both trends are amplified by falling profit margins and increasing clients’ demands for products and services delivered faster, better and cheaper. On top that is the almighty fear: of artificial intelligence and robots taking over our jobs, of revolutions, of regulators, of political instability…

These forces have existed ever since companies and organizations exist. The effects are currently just highlighted by our connectivity. The more we know, the more connected we are, the more we realize these all-encompassing forces are part of everyone’s everyday life. The quest for more money, power, possessions, likes... is overwhelming.

Yet, all we really want in the end, is a very simple thing – to be happy, for as long as possible.

Do better. With less.

Hello, I am Victoria, the founder of The C-Suite Minimalists. I created this movement as part of my MBA dissertation on maximizing value for the organizations by applying the principles of the increasingly popular lifestyle movement of minimalism. Whether you are a manager or an entrepreneur, whether you work in a private, public, for-profit or non-profit organization, at The C-Suite Minimalists, we are on a quest with you to minimize what is excessive, what is not adding value and what is inefficient. We do that to maximize on joy, results and efficiency. Our goal is to do better, with less. Why? Because “perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”.

Real and Artificial Intelligence

We do not sell products or services at The C-Suite Minimalists, we just share research-based practical insights for improvement and happiness in a corporate environment. We learn and improve along with you. The C-Suite Minimalists is powered both by real an artificial intelligence. For instance, the logo of The C-Suite Minimalists and the web site were both build with artificial intelligence algorithms. But they also reflect what is dear to me. Take the zebra in the logo.

It was selected both for its purity of being black and white, but also because this is one of the animals liked by my child. Real and artificial intelligence is used also in the brand new podcast The C-Suite Minimalists, now available at SoundCloud and Youtube . You will find me co-hosting it with a noble English gentleman, named Darren. Darren is a digital algorithm for speech, helping me spread The C-suite Minimalists ideas.

An important question was recently raised by one of our readers: “Are the C-Suite Minimalists getting minimal salary”? The answer is no. Fair and adequate acknowledgement and remuneration is deserved by everyone for their efforts and accomplishments. We leave the competitive market to be the judge of that.

Write us a review, suggest a topic, comment, share or join us as part of The C-Suite Minimalists.

Audio Podcast: SoundCloud and Youtube


P.S. Keeping an open mind, humility and a sense of humor is needed all endeavors. This is why I encourage you to see a different point of view on minimalism at the AwakenWithJP YouTube channel here and beware of some minimalism lifestyle pitfalls.

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